Popular Web Novels of 2022

What are Web Novels?
Web novels are short stories written online. These stories are usually posted on websites like LiveJournal, where they are read by thousands of people every day. Some web novels are very popular, while others are not so well known.
 Is Novel Feast Free to Read Web Novels?

yes, Novel Feast is a Free Platform where you can read web novels online for free in 2022 - 2023. Some of the Top Listed Web Novels are Listed below.
List of Some Popular Web Novels in 2022 are:

The journey was at least twelve to fifteen hours and tried to search for many random romantic novels after many rejections I find some novels to start reading. I was Looking for the Best Web Novels in 2022.

1. Solo Max Level Newbie

Solo Max-Level Amateur novel composed by the creator mzt on Webnovel, This sequential novel class is Dream stories, covering activity, experience, and framework. This Novel is many chapters but I couldn't complete this long journey. I read a summary of the novel and some chapters. The experience was good to read this novel.

The only individual who observed the Tower of Trials' conclusion was MC, a gaming Nutuber. However, as the game's popularity waned, it became more challenging for him to maintain his gaming Nutuber lifestyle. He was prepared to give up playing the game because he had already seen how it ended. However, [Tower of Trials] became a reality that day, and MC, who was familiar with every aspect of the game, quickly took control. I'll demonstrate what a real pro looks like.
Is Solo max Level Newbiew is Chinese web Novel or a Korean Web Novel?

Solo max Level is a Korean Web Novel and is free to read on NovelFeast

Solo Max Level Newbie

2. When an Alpha is marked by one of his own kind

This novel was excellent to read. It's really funny and it was my first time reading a novel on sports, so it was a good experience.
Everyone in the industry was aware of the animosity between Team DG leader Lu Zhe and Team BLX top layer Shen Qiao. Hormones, they claimed, were to blame. It was described as a fundamental AA incompatibility.

Obsessed with killing, as Lu Zhe once described Shen Qiao. One-man band.

Shen Qiao stated of Lu Zhe, "Command's mediocre," with a chilly smile. Shameful jungler.